The five habits of highly effective companies

Business success does not come of its own accord. The full report, authored by Mark Sykes, has been designed to help your business succeed.

Mark Sykes
Mark Sykes

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What do agile-minded entrepreneurs growing cutting-edge businesses have in common?

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  • Habit 1

    Have a clear road map,
    but stay flexible.

    Knowing your direction of travel is clearly important for highly effective businesses. Among the high-growth company leaders questioned, 64% said they had a clear, up-to-date road map and a further 7% had a plan even if it was not up to date.

  • Q1

    Do you have clear business plan for the next few years, which is regularly reviewed against performance?

  • Habit 2

    Invest in productivity
    and innovation.

    There are many ways to grow profits in a business. You can develop national or international markets, for example, or acquire other businesses, divest nonprofitable areas or outsource non-core functions.

  • Q2

    Where do you see profit growth coming from?

  • Habit 3

    Learn from peers.

    Effective business leaders are made, not born. And one of the factors that helps in the making is having access to sound business advice. We also asked Which professionals would you most likely turn to for business advice? Discover the answer in the full report.

  • Q3

    Where do you currently get business advice from?

  • Habit 4

    Focus on sales growth.

    Knowing where to focus your immediate efforts is a tricky business, even for very effective businesses. Sometimes circumstances dictate that you may need to drop everything and improve profitability, then suddenly change tack to deal with recruitment.

  • Q4

    Where will you focus your efforts in the next year?

  • Habit 5

    Recruit the right team.

    Businesses may be created by just one or two founders, but to become highly effective they need a robust team. One of the key themes to emerge from the report was the need to be surrounded by the right people.

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