Accelerating growth and success.

We understand that access to funding, skilled people, knowledge sharing and international uncertainty are just some of the issues challenging growing businesses.

To help businesses resolve these challenges, we have launched our BDODrive Accelerate Programme. Our focused workshops, ideal for time stretched business owners who want maximum benefit quickly, not only focuses on the constraints and future operational risks to the business, but helps clarify future goals and timelines and agree tangible steps to achieving those outcomes.

Our rare combination of depth of expertise from a leading global firm with practical hands on experience of technology businesses can accelerate your growth and success.

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Accessing funding.

Most high growth businesses will need to secure funding whether from R&D tax credits, loan finance, venture capital or private equity. Identifying the right source of funding for each relevant stage of the business is key to maximising value and being successful. Intrinsic to this is also the need for a clear business plan to build confidence in the underlying business.

BDO can provide healthy challenge and support as you seek funding by helping you clarify:

  1. what real world problem you are solving
  2. how you are going to solve the problem
  3. why you are the right people to deliver
  4. understand your long term goals and your short current financial position
  5. carry out the necessary due diligence to get you where you need to go

Funders and acquirers at this stage are investing in your idea and the traction that you are able to demonstrate. From our experience working with funders and acquirers, we know the simple errors you can make, and can help you navigate the course to success.


We provide a range of comprehensive business and accounting services to deliver information, intelligence and insight so you can make informed decisions, which also reduces the burden of doing business in the UK. Our practical approach enables us to deliver KPIs and benchmarks so you can track your financial performance against the industry.

We offer a person led approach, with each client being given a dedicated business adviser who is there to understand your needs and support your business.

Our bookkeeping and compliance services help you keep on top of the day to day regulations of running a company. We ensure the technology behind our solutions drives efficiency through your business operations. We focus on practical, solution orientated and team based solutions to meet your needs.

At BDO we are passionate about supporting the Technology sector and investing in the future.

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At BDO we are passionate about supporting the Technology sector and investing in future Tech companies.

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Supporting the UK technology sector

Over the last year, the performance of the United Kingdom’s digital tech sector has been world-leading, with British firms attracting more capital than any other European country, but with such a lot of opportunity the Tech community is still vulnerable to numerous challenges. BDODrive has designed a comprehensive support solution to help our growing Tech clients. Learn more about how we can help you.

BDODrive work closely with the Tech community and are proud sponsors of:

Fast Track
Tech Track
Tech Nation
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