Local Regulations

As you look to do business internationally, understanding the rules and regulations of different countries can be challenging and time consuming. This is further complicated by a constantly changing world political environment. Ensuring your adviser is set up globally to help you know what you need to know and assist is a key part of international expansion.


Cross Border Taxes

It is likely that if you are buying, selling, investing or working across borders you will have to pay taxes and comply with reporting requirements. Growing regulations to ensure the right tax is paid in the right country makes this potentially onerous unless your adviser has the right experts to help you internationally.


Branch or Company

Choosing between a representative office, a branch or a limited company can have significant impact on the cost of doing business, affecting regulatory responsibilities and tax exposure. Taking time to understand the differences can create significant advantage to growing businesses.


Business Information

Your financial forecasting, KPIs and business processes become inherently more complicated as you expand internationally. Building the right accounting tools to handle foreign transactions, model scenarios and understand the impact of exchange movements is critical to controlling multiple jurisdictions.


Overseas Staff

Employing staff overseas creates many complications for businesses including operating international payrolls, managing local taxes, handling pension and health care obligations, processing local filings and dealing with local employment law. Travelling staff may also trigger tax liabilities in multiple jurisdictions, especially if the local rules are not understood. Taking advice early can save significant cost and administrative burden.


Funding Growth

International expansion does not happen overnight and most businesses underestimate the cost and time of executing an effective market entry. There are many varied reasons why growth or funding can fall through, but one that is consistently cited by investors is that a business was not “ready” for large scale expansion or investment. Make sure you’re asking the right questions of your business to be properly prepared.

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