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In the New Economy, it is now recognised that with the use of technology, and access to global markets, small ideas can quickly turn into some of the largest businesses. We find nothing more exciting than seeing a fast growing business realise its ambition and so we have developed BDODrive so we can work alongside you, unblocking obstacles and bring ideas to help you succeed.

Growth advisory

We have developed a global approach to assessing where a business is today, not just in terms of finances but also looking at people, operations and market, and helping companies develop a clear vision and road map to achieving their potential.

The quality of the business operations has a major impact on both chances of success, and value to any investor, and so our approach supports but also drives growth in the business so you can maximise your value.

Integrating this to clear key performance indicators (KPIs), both predictive and actual, allows actions to be taken to keep the business on track.

Management information and forecasting

By understanding your goals we can help you develop meaningful forecasts and understand the drivers behind them, which can then be turned into KPIs and used to track actual performance and manage reporting to stakeholders.

Our integrations to cloud accounting systems allows us to track information real time and help keep you one step ahead of any challenges.

Business taxes

Compliance isn’t simply about completing forms and ticking boxes. It’s understanding what’s going on behind the numbers and making sure all aspects of business life are properly taken care of. Our team includes specialists in all aspects of taxation. They’ll cover corporate compliance and VAT requirements – spotting opportunities and developing strategies for saving you money. We can also advise on personal tax matters.

This service includes:

  • Corporation tax
  • VAT registration and returns
  • MOSS registration
  • Research & Development tax credits
  • Profit extraction and personal tax compliance

Funding solutions

The decisions around funding are complex, and funding sources range from conventional loans through to private equity and venture capital.

New forms of funding such as crowd funding and seed funding, as well as grants and research and development tax creditors, also need careful consideration since conceding equity early will affect the ultimate value to you.

BDODrive works across all our teams to allow us to bring the right advice to help you.

International growth

BDO International operates in over 150 countries worldwide and our approach has been developed in other countries across the globe.

Teams focused on supporting growing businesses operate in many countries across the world allowing us to give a joined-up approach to supporting you.

Whether you need help understanding cross border taxation, or actual business support in other countries, BDO is ideally placed to help you.

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